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Digital readouts

The Innova series of Fagor DRO’s represents a new technological breakthrough in measuring and control systems for machine-tool customers. Their advanced features and excellent qualities are the ideal choice for the machine tool with very competitive prices.

Innova series DRO’s offer many advanced features, in some cases, features exclusive to Fagor Automation. These exclusive features are at our customers’ disposal as a standard option. Knowing applications has made it possible to develop these features in order to increase the productivity of milling machines, boring mills, lathes and grinders among other applications.

The 40i model DRO offers programming assistance and shows solid graphics that make our customers’ job a lot easier. The features offered by the Innova series include the exclusive color TFT screen of the 40i model DRO’s that ensures the best vision from any angle. Thanks to all that, it can be said that this TrueVision DRO has become the best on the market.

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