Turnkey Package for Turning CNC systems

One Screen, One Operation, Power of Simplicity – Turning

Pre-engineered CNC & Servo Package custom built per customer specications and fully functional upon arrival.

Both DC & AC Brushless Servo options available as well as optional Milling Machine Conversion Hardware kits consisting of Ballscrew Packages, Quill Hardware and Motor Bracketry Kits.

Turning – Powerful, User-Friendly, Interactive Interface


Tool Calibration

  • Fast and easy Tool Offset creation including tool orientation



Profiling Cycle

  • On-board mini CAD/CAM system allows you to create proles directly from blueprint in a matter of seconds. Prole Editor automatically creates G-code and inserts into Cycle or Part program.



Grooving Cycle

  • Powerful Grooving Cycles allow Grooving on Face or Diameter.



Rounding Cycle

  • Quick and easy single page Rounding Cycle capability.



Turning / Roughing Cycle

  • Versatile host of Turning / Roughing Cycles for the diameter or face.



Threading Cycle

  • Standard threading, taper threading and Face threading capabilities with a selection of conventional thread types.



Thread Repair Cycle

  • Allows for fast and easy thread repair.



Cut-Off Cycle

  • Easy part cut-o cycle.



Taper Cycle

  • Powerful Taper Cycles allowing for Face or Diameter Machining.



USB Port

  • Located on Keyboard for easy access, you may download programs instantly.



  • High resolution 10.4” LCD TFT Color Monitor.



  • Full alpha numeric keyboard with shortcut keys


512 MB Flash Memory (2GB Option)

  • Can store programs from 0-999999



  • Instant Service Support via Cyber Space accessed through Ethernet or RS232.



  • One key backup or restore to save all CNC parameters, programs etc.


Dedicated ICON Programming Keys

  • Dedicated hot keys with the One Button/One Operation cycle philosophy. Each operation page includes assist graphics and contain all operations variables on a single page for extreme simplicity.



  • Free software to convert DXF les, drip feed programs and to transfer les to and from the CNC. (RS232 or Ethernet)


Mirror Imaging

  • Mirror imaging on X or Z axes.



  • Scale any axes or program with a single command.


Work Zone

  • Setup maximum of 5 work zones to stay within secure coordinates


ISO G-code Programming

  • Ability to program in traditional ISO G-code or Conversational and even mix ISO into Conversational.


Job Clock

  • Monitor how long it takes to machine a part


Help Mode

  • Sophisticated help mode easily accessed via the Help Key.


Feedrate Overide

  • Adjust your programmed feedrate from 0 to 120% during program execution or simulation.


Jogging Style

  • Powerful Jog/Manual Mode for easy machine navigation including key jogging, handwheel jogging or MDI mode. Also, preset capabilities s well as machine home capability.


Solid Graphics

  • Solid Graphic representation or Tool Path Line graphics capability. For use in Execution or Simulation mode.




  • Complex and simple Rectangular and Circular Pocket Cycles including 3D Pocket Cycles.


20 Work Zero Offsets & 255 Tool Offsets

  • Setup a desired tool change location for all of your tool changes
  • Set different part zero offsets & tool offsets with ease



MT Connect

  • MT Connect is a manufacturing industry standard to facilitate the organized retrieval of process information from CNC Machines.


Simulation Mode

  • Program Simulation Mode allows for fast and easy program verication, including Solid Graphic Program verication.


PLC Capability

  • Each package has a built-in PLC allowing for a host of machine functions, including customization.


Custom Editor / Screen Capability

  • Each package has built-in Editor allowing for custom Cycle/Editors/ Screen Customization for any application.


Tool Inspection Mode

  • Powerful Tool Inspection Mode allowing for fast and easy tool offset modication.


Prole Editor

  • On-board Mini CAD/CAM system allowing for quick blueprint programming of proles with Automatic Insertion into Part-Program.