Service contract and warranty extensions

Service contract and warranty extensions
Service contract and warranty extensions 02

The service contracts will cover all failures that may be caused in Fagor units under contract(*) for a yearly fee of €500 and up per machine.

Service will be performed right at the machine including: equipment used, labor and per-diem (daily allowances).

(*) Failures not due to Fagor products are not covered.

Available for OEMs / Distributors / Users, the service contract will be tailored to the customer:

  • Manufacturers / Distributors: Full machine package regardless of its final destination.
  • Users: Including those separate Fagor items that may be contracted: CNC / Drives / Motor / Feedback.

Additional advantages of the service contract:

  • Priority response time by specialized personnel and original spare parts.
  • Additional services included: Datasafe, Telediagnosis, etc.
  • Optional periodic software updates on contracted equipment.
  • Discounts on worn out items that must be replaced with new ones not included in the contract.
  • Discounts on additional preventive services like thermography.
  • Offers on hardware upgrades of discontinued equipment.

There is also an option to extend the standard Fagor warranty for as many years as the customer wishes at very competitive prices