3STATECH: A new Positioning System Technology

Industrial components manufacturers face challenges in achieving highly demanding results under adverse working conditions.  [+ info] “3STATECH: A new Positioning System Technology”

Additive Manufacturing at ADDIT3D, Bilbao

Additive manufacturing is being introduced in a wide range of industrial sectors, which find in this type of technology solutions for their manufacturing and important benefits, as well as time reduction, material savings and products costumization. [+ info] “Additive Manufacturing at ADDIT3D, Bilbao”

CIMT 2019: Win the Smart future together

The CIMT fair is one of the most important fairs in the machine tool sector all over the world. This year, with the intelligent industry as reference, attendance at the fair has been very high. The people visiting the fair has been higher than previous years. [+ info] “CIMT 2019: Win the Smart future together”

Fagor Automation continues to successfully penetrate Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry in North America is worth $130–$200 billion per year and it contributes $300–$350 billion annually to the economy. Advance technologies in aerospace and defense such as lean, test and measurement, composites, high-speed machining, [+ info] “Fagor Automation continues to successfully penetrate Aerospace industry”