Standard range incremental linear encoders – F Series

Incremental linear encoder - F series

Especially designed for machines with longer travels and they are available up to 30 m in length.

In the incremental model the reference marks are 50 mm apart and distance coded model is also available.
Both models come with a detachable cable connectors in the reader head. The steel tape graduation pitch is 100 μm.
For measuring lengths over 4040 mm the encoder is supplied in multiple sections and is assembled together at the time of installation.

Measuring lengths in millimeters:
• Measuring lengths from 440 mm to 30 m in 200 mm increments. Contact Fagor Automation for custom length scales over 30 m.

General specification:
Measurement By means of stainless steel linear encoder with 100 μm etching pitch
Steel tape accuracy ± 5 μm/m
Maximum speed 120 m/min
Maximum vibration 10 g
Moving thrust < 5 N
Operating temperature 0 ºC … 50 ºC
Storage temperature -20 ºC ... 70 ºC
Weight 1,50 kg + 4 kg/m
Relative humidity 20 … 80%
Protection IP 53 (standard)
IP 64 (DIN 40050) using pressurized air in linear encoders at 0.8 ± 0.2 bar
Reader head With detachable cable connector
Specific characteristics:
Resolution 5 μm 1 μm Hasta 0,1 μm
Reference marks (I0) FT, FX, FP: every 50 mm
FOT, FOX, FOP:Distance-coded I0
Output signals salida-TTL-diferencialTTL salida-TTL-diferencial TTL diferencial onda-senoidal  1 Vpp
T period of output signals 20 μm 4 μm 100 μm
Limit frequency 100 KHz 500 KHz 20 KHz
Maximum cable length 20 m 50 m 150 m
Supply voltage 5 V ± 5%,100 mA (without load) 5 V ± 10%, < 100 mA (without load)

Single F model:  

Modular F model:

Order identification:
Example for an incremental encoder: FX – 36
F X 36
Type of profile:
F: for long distances
Type of reference mark I0:
• Blank space: Incremental, one mark
every 50 mm
• O: Distance-coded marks
Type of signal:
• T: 5 μm resolution TTL
X: 1 μm resolution differential TTL
• P: 1 Vpp sinusoidal
Ordering length code:
In the example (36) = 3640 mm