High-end absolute linear encoders – L3B series

L3B series

Linear encoder with small reader head, air purge and connector at both ends, with threaded head for different mounting options without the need for nuts.

Its special mechanical extrusion design, protective lips and securing points  on the linear encoder, the high quality optical components and powerful  FPGA-based electronics using advanced embedded algorithms allow for the reduction of errors to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of linear  encoders. From 4 meters onwards the module ends machining design together with an outstanding rubber seal allow for an easy installation and ensure the protection against liquids in the joints.

This results in linear encoders especially suited for hostile work environments in settings requiring high speed and vibration standards.

Measuring lengths in millimeters

Available in measuring lengths from 440 mm to 50 m in 200 mm increments. Contact Fagor Automation for custom solutions if your application requires longer lengths.

Model description:
L3B: Absolute linear encoders with SSI protocol for FAGOR and others.
L3BS: Absolute linear encoders with SSI protocol for SIEMENS® (Solution Line).
L3BF: Absolute linear encoders with FANUC® (α and αi) protocol.
L3BM: Absolute linear encoders with MITSUBISHI® CNC protocol.
L3BP: Absolute linear encoders with PANASONIC® (Matsushita) protocol.
L3BD: Absolute linear encoders with FeeDat® protocol for FAGOR
and others.
L3BD + EC-PA-DQ1: Absolute linear encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ® protocol, for SIEMENS® (Solution Line).
L3BBC: Absolute linear encoders with BiSS® C protocol.

Measurement Incremental: By means of a 40 μm-pitch graduated stainless steel tape
Absolute: Optical reading of sequential binary code
Glass thermal expansion coefficient αtherm: 11 ppm/K aprox.
Measuring resolution 0,1 μm Interface α Interface αi 0,01 μm 0,05 μm 0,01 μm 0,05 μm 0,01 μm 0,05 μm 0,01 μm 0,05 μm
0,05 μm 0,0125 μm
0,01 μm 0,00125 μm
Output signals onda-senoidal1 Vpp - - - - -
Incremental signal period 40 μm - - - - -
Limit frequency < 75 KHz para 1 Vpp - - - - -
Maximum cable length 75m (*) 100 m 30 m 30 m 100 m 30 m (**)
Supply voltage 5 V ± 10%, <250 mA (without load)
Accuracy ± 5 μm/m
Maximum speed 180 m/min
Maximum vibration
Profile: 200 m/s2 (55 ... 2000 Hz) IEC 60068-2-6
Reader head: 300 m/s2 (55 ... 2000 Hz) IEC 60068-2-6
Maximum shock 300m/s2 (11 ms) IEC 60068-2-27
Maximum acceleration 100m/s2 in the measuring direction
Required moving force < 5 N
Operating temperature 0 ºC … 50 ºC
Storage temperature -20 ºC ... 70 ºC
Weight 1,5 kg + 5 kg/m
Relative humidity 20 … 80%
Protection IP 53 (standard)
IP 64 (DIN 40050) using pressurized air at 0.8 ± 0.2 bar in linear encoders
Reader head With built-in connector
Connection at both ends of the reader head

(*) Contact Fagor Automation for other lengths.
(**) Contact Fagor Automation for maximum cable length.

Modular L3B model:
(Dimensions in mm)

Single L3B model:
(Dimensions in mm)

Order identification:
Example of Linear Encoder: L3BF10-4640
L3 B F 10 4640
Type of
for long
the absolute
Type of communications
protocol (1):

• Blank space: SSI protocol (FAGOR)
• D: FeeDat® protocol (FAGOR) (*)
• S: SSI SIEMENS® (SL) protocol
• F: FANUC® ( α and αi) protocol
• M: MITSUBISHI® CNC protocol
• P: PANASONIC® (Matsushita) protocol
• BC: BiSS® C protocol
Resolution (2):
• Blank space: up to 0.1 μm (**)
• 50: 0.05 μm
• 10: 0.01 μm
lengths in
In the example
(4640) = 4 640 mm
Accuracy of
the linear
• Blank space:
± 10 μm/m
• 5: ± 5 μm/m (****)
• Blank space:
• M: mirror
Threaded head:
• Blank space: M8
• T: M6

(1): contact Fagor Automation for availability.
(2): not all combinations of protocol and resolution are possible.
The characteristics table indicates the resolutions available for each protocol.
(*) plus EC-PA-DQ1 with DRIVE-CLiQ® protocol for SIEMENS® (Solution Line).
(**) only for SSI models.
(***) only for single module models.