High-end incremental linear encoders – L Series

Incremental linear encoder - L series

Specially designed for high performance environment requiring speed and accuracy.

Their special mounting system guarantees a thermal behavior identical to that of the machine surface the linear encoder is mounted on. This is achieved through floating fixtures at their ends with the base of the machine and by tensioning the etched steel tape. This system eliminates the errors caused by temperature changes and ensures maximum accuracy and repeatability of the linear encoders.
The steel tape graduation pitch is 40 μm. Measuring lengths over 4 040 mm require the use of modules.

Measuring lengths:
• Available in measuring lengths from 440 mm to 60 m in 200 mm increments. Contact Fagor Automation for custom solutions if your application requires longer lengths than 60 meters.

Measurement By means of a 40 μm-pitch stainless steel tape
Steel tape thermal expansion coefficient αtherm: 11 ppm/K aprox.
Measuring resolution 1 μm Up to 0,1 μm
Output signals salida-TTL-diferencialTTL differential onda-senoidal1 Vpp
Incremental signal period 4 μm 40 μm
Limit frequency 500 KHz 50 KHz
Maximum speed 120 m/min 120 m/min
Minimum distance between flanks 0,5 microseconds -
Reference marks I0 LX and LP: every 50 mm
LOX and LOP: distance-coded I0
Maximum cable length 50 m  150 m
Supply voltage 5V ± 10%, < 150 mA (without load)
Accuracy of shaft ± 5 μm/m ± 5 μm/m
Maximum vibration 10 g (55 … 2000 Hz) IEC 60068-2-6
Maximum shock 30 g (11 ms) IEC 60068-2-27
Maximum acceleration 10 g in the measuring direction
Required moving force < 5 N
Operating temperature 0 ºC … 50 ºC
Storage temperature -20 ºC ... 70 ºC
Weight 1,50 kg + 4 kg/m
Relative humidity 20 … 80%
Protection IP 53 (standard)
IP 64 (DIN 40050) using pressurized air at 0.8 ± 0.2 bar in linear encoders
Reader head With built-in connector
Connection at both ends of the reader head

Single L model:

Modular L model:

Order identification:
Ejemple of Linear Encoder: LOP-102-A
L 0 P 102 A
Type of profile for long space Type of reference mark I0:
• Blank space: Incremental, one mark every 50 mm

• O: Distance-coded marks
Type of signal:
• X: 1 μm resolution differential TTL
• P: 1 Vpp sinusoidal
Ordering length code:
In the example
(102) = 10 240 mm
Air intake on the reader head:
• Blank space: Without air intake
• A: With air intake