Codeurs linéaires incrémentaux sans-contact

Non-contact open linear incremental encoders


Resolution up to
EXA_incremental_section70 mm up to
16 020 mm
± 10 μm/monda-senoidal 1 Vpp0,1 μmTA + L2RP / L2SP
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 5 μm TA + L2RD / L2SD
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 1 μm TA+ L2RX / L2SX
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,5 μm TA + L2RY / L2SY
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,1 μm TA + L2RW / L2SW
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL0,1 μmTA + L2RW1/L2SW1

240 mm up to 6.040 mm

± 10 μm/m


1 Vpp

0,1 μmPG + TG + L2RP / L2SP
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 5 μm PG + TG + L2RD / L2SD
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 1 μm PG + TG + L2RX / L2SX
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,5 μm PG + TG + L2RY / L2SY
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,1 μm PG + TG + L2RW / L2SW
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL0,1 μmPG + TG + L2RW1/L2SW1

140 mm up to 30.040 mm

± 5 μm/monda-senoidal 1 Vpp0,1 μmPT + TT + L2RP / L2SP
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 5 μm PT + TT + L2RD / L2SD
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 1 μm PT + TT + L2RX / L2SX
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,5 μm PT + TT + L2RY / L2SY
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL 0,1 μm PT + TT + L2RW / L2SW
salida-TTL-diferencial TTL0,1 μmT + TT + L2RW1/L2SW1


Consider the physical length of the installation and the space available for it.
These aspects are crucial to determine the type of linear encoder to use (type of profile).

Mechanical Design:
EXA: adhesive model with the smallest cross section for constraint spaces, it consists of an engraved steel tape glued directly onto the machine surface, recommended if the tape is under thermally stable conditions.
EXG: guided model for long measuring lengths it comprises an aluminium extrusion glued to the surface and an engraved steel tape. The steel tape is guided in the extrusion and secured in the mid point to the machine surface that allows the tape to expand/contract freely at its ends and ensures a defined thermal behaviour.
EXT: tensioned model for very long measuring lengths and high accuracy it comprises an aluminium extrusion glued or screwed to the surface, an engraved steel tape and tensioning system. The steel tape is guided in the extrusion and tensioned between its ends. The tensioned steel tape is fixed on the machine base so it replicates the thermal behaviour of the surface.

Each linear encoder is subjected to quality control showing its accuracy along its measuring length.

Consider the following variables for selecting the type of signal: resolution, cable length and compatibility.

The resolution of the control of machine depends on the linear encoder.

Cable length
The length of the cable depends on the type of signal.

The speed requirements for the application must be analyzed before choosing the linear encoder.

Shock and Vibration
Fagor linear encoders withstand vibrations of up to 200 m/s2 and shocks of up to 1000 m/s2.

Alarm signal
All TTL and 1 Vpp models offer an alarm signal.