Laser 8070 CNC

The Laser CNC 8070 (CNC 8070 L) is specifically designed for laser cutting machines that are highly demanding in terms of speed and precision: 5-axis 2D/3D RTCP sheet cutting machines. With only a loop time of 2 ms and a block processing time of 0.25 ms. For governing up to 28 axes and 4 execution channels. Capable of installing third party software.

High-speed cutting

  • More precise finish, adapting the cutting conditions to the dynamics of the machine, evaluating in advance the programmed tool path changes.
  • HSSA II (High Speed Surface Accuracy II) cutting system that increases the productivity of the machine while reducing the mechanical strain on the machine and achieving smoother movements.

New laser specific HMI

  • Specially designed while taking into consideration the distinctive features of laser cutting machines.
  • Intuitive and maximizes programming capabilities while reducing the number of steps.
  • Fully customizable to the preferences of each user.

Specific functions to maximize the performance of the laser cutting

  • PWM
  • Power Control
  • Synchronized switching
  • Laser path compensation
  • GAP control
  • Leap Frog

Supports touch screens and mouse integrated into keyboard

  • Comes with the option to connect to external peripherals, such as screens with different formats: 15”, 19” and 21” views.
  • Multi-touch capability.