CNC for lathes

CNC 8065 for lathes

Designed to control high-production turning centers, vertical lathes, slanted-bed lathes, parallel lathes, dual-turret (TT) lathes, lathes with several turrets and spindles and dual-purpose (mill-lathe) machines.

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CNC 8060 for lathes

DDesigned to provide a solution for inclined bed lathes and large production lathes for industries like oil and energy.

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CNC 8055 for lathes

Designed for controlling high-production turning centers, vertical lathes and parallel lathes.

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CNC 8037 for lathes

Designed for controlling lathes and turning centers having 2 axes and 1 spindle.

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FAGOR CNC 8070 for the company EUSKALFORGING