EMO 2013 – ProGTL3 programming language

Fagor CNC’s offer up to four ways of part programming and they may all be combined with each other.

  • The ISO language to optimize part execution.
  • The parametric programming for creating subroutines or cycles.
  • The conversational programming system using intuitive cycles.
  • The ProGTL3 language to program the part while displaying its shape.

8065tascaThe ProGTL3 language is a new language originated from the evolution of 2 most important geometric programming languages based on similar concepts. On one hand we have the GTL developed by Olivetti CNC at the beginning of the 70’s and on the other hand the other one PROGET2 developed by Selca® in Ivrea since the beginning of the 80’s.

Fagor has always excelled by the operating ease with their products. Features like the ProGTL3 make the Fagor CNC an ideal product for working right at the machine.

Based on the oriented geometry model, ProGTL3 (Professional Geometric & Technological Language – level 3), lets you resolve any flat profile with no extra mathematical and trigonometric calculations and without the need for third-party software (CAD / CAM).

The Selca® language called PROGET2 only offers 5 G codes (G10, G11, G13, G20, G21) to describe any type of geometry. Those G have been kept for users already familiar with Selca® programming by adding an „8“ in front of them. In the ProGTL3 language, the codes will be: G810/G811/G813/G820/G821.

Like with Selca®, any geometry may be defined by using these codes, but the ProGTL3 also includes functions for faster and easier programming of complex shapes.

The possibility for ISO programmers of combining classic functions with standard ISO language (G801, G802, G803) allows implementing any flat profile without having to use trigonometric calculations to calculate undefined points without any room for mistakes when selecting the proposed solution.

Other CNC systems offer redundant solutions without offering in every case the resolution of the designed profile and it is not even based on oriented geometry.

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