HAZITEK Program. SPRI, Basque Government

Co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).

Co-financed by the CDTI. Ministry of Science and Innovation. Spanish Government.


„New generation of high-precision intelligent angle encoders for the digitised industry of the future“ and acronym „INDIRO“.

HAZITEK File No.: ZL-2021/00125

CDTI File No.: ID-20211123

Project information:

Start and end date:
Start: February 25, 2021
End: December 31, 2022

Overall budget:
€ 465.322,27


Number of participants:

Description and objectives:

The INDIRO project financed by the HAZITEK Programme consists of providing an important technological leap within FAGOR AUTOMATION’s angular optical pick-up products, orienting them towards the industry of the future, characterised by its digitalisation and intelligent use of data.

FAGOR AUTOMATION has observed a clear industrial trend where extreme precision is increasingly demanded, with decreasing uncertainties in the measurement capture. All this combined with a clear trend to increase the digitalisation and intelligence of industrial factories. This intelligent digitalisation strategy has a critical point in the CNC that FAGOR AUTOMATION manufactures and markets, bearing in mind that it is the brain of the machine.

However, it is also very interesting to incorporate technologies for Industry 4.0 in all peripheral elements, such as, in this case, such important elements in a machine tool as the optical position sensor. In a context where Industry is immersed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitisation is still the main challenge for companies, and efforts must be focused on the development of technologies that position the Basque Country as a benchmark in the Digitised and Intelligent Industry of the future.

Furthermore, we must not forget that precision, speed, energy efficiency, robustness and useful life of the devices and their cost are fundamental factors in the machine-tool industry, factors in which FAGOR AUTOMATION positions itself as a world reference through its own technology, achieving technological independence from third parties that allows it to evolve its product to the limits of the current technological state of the art.

All this converges in the INDIRO initiative, which proposes the development of a new reading technology that allows the concept of digitalisation and the incorporation of intelligence in the optical sensor itself to be included, as well as developing knowledge in hardware technologies, embedded electronics, optics, recording, etc., which will enable a new generation of revolutionary angular encoders to be achieved in the international market.