EMO 2013 – Latest technological advances

Fagor Automation is committed to its philosophy of providing maximum working simplicity for its customers, OEM, distributors and machine end users. When creating its products, it is always thinking about all the devices and servo systems that make up the machine to get the maximum efficiency out of it.

At this EMO show edition (Hall 025, Stand C44), Fagor presents a new range of products and improvements in line with this philosophy offering new things in many ways to speed up machine setup and unmatched accuracy to increase productivity by making the job of machine users a lot easier.

[+ info] “EMO 2013 – Latest technological advances”

EMO 2013 – the power of simplicity

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The new CNC 8060 was presented at the Timtos show in Taiwan; this CNC integrates the most modern computer technologies for machine operators. [+ info] “EMO 2013 – the power of simplicity”

EMO 2013 – ProGTL3 programming language

Fagor CNC’s offer up to four ways of part programming and they may all be combined with each other.

  • The ISO language to optimize part execution.
  • The parametric programming for creating subroutines or cycles.
  • The conversational programming system using intuitive cycles.
  • The ProGTL3 language to program the part while displaying its shape. [+ info] “EMO 2013 – ProGTL3 programming language”

EMO 2013 – Fagor linear encoders with 10 nanometer resolution and digital interface

Fagor continues applying a permanent improvement process to its products to raise their quality for our customers. The latest advances in optical and electronic technology implemented have made it possible to obtain 10 nanometer resolution in our absolute digital linear encoders. [+ info] “EMO 2013 – Fagor linear encoders with 10 nanometer resolution and digital interface”