An edition of the JIMTOF that will not be forgotten

Fagor Automation continues to strengthen its international spirit at trade fairs. The JIMTOF 2022 trade fair held in Japan has been a unique and exciting edition for Fagor Automation.

It is held every two years, in the respective even years. 2018 was the last year that Fagor Automation attended the JIMTOF in person, as in 2020, it could not attend due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

That is why Fagor Automation has participated with a particular interest this year. Fagor Automation has participated with a specific interest after four years without being able to participate in the JIMTOF.

Exceeded expectations 

The results have exceeded expectations in this 31st edition. It has been a fair full of visitors, excitement, and many people who have transmitted their desire to know our latest news.

At this JIMTOF, we had the opportunity to talk to existing and potential new customers, and we are very grateful for the reception of our latest products.

The Japanese market is interested in Fagor Automation’s latest developments.

Our visitors have been able to see first-hand the new family of absolute optical rings, which complete the range of encoders for the measurement of any rotary application that requires precision, high rotational speeds, and the best resolutions, such as rotary tables, heads…

We have also presented to the Japanese market the Serie3, the high-end angular feedback systems, and the 3STATECH technology patented by Fagor Automation. In addition, after-sales service tools such as PSED and CLED, which reduce installation time and make it easier to set up encoders, aroused visitors’ interest in our stand.

The Fagor sales team that has been at the fair throughout the week has valued this edition of the JIMTOF very positively and received numerous visits. Fagor Automation has aroused the interest of the Japanese market.

Also present at MOLDPLAS (Portugal) and FABTECH (USA)

During the same week, we participated in JIMTOF; we were also present at the MOatPLAS fair in Batalha (Portugal) and FABTECH in Atlanta (USA).

Fagor Automation would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us at the three trade fairs. Thanks to your support, we continue to progress in our automation solutions.

Below are some photos of the JIMTOF and the MOLDPLAS. For more information about our solutions, please get in touch with us here.