Fagor Exposed Linear Encoders see significant demand increase with Linear Motor Stage applications

Industrial Additive, robotic assemblies, pick and place loaders… Applications requiring high accuracy, high speeds, and repeatable motions are increasingly utilizing turnkey linear stages. However, most linear servo stages don’t have the space required for enclosed encoders. To achieve precise and repeatable movement in a tight space, Fagor Automation offers exposed linear encoders.

CNC8058 Turnkey Package Product Release: Your Upgrade just got an Upgrade

Those looking to upgrade their manually operated machines to a fully automated CNC can now enjoy the full power of our newest line of Industrial CNC Control Systems. Introducing the CNC8058 Turnkey Package with HD graphics, Windows 10 OS, and one of the most top-rated conversational programming workflows in the industry with customizable navigation.

When Manufacturing Meets Art

Have you ever considered all the possibilities you can create with your CNC machine? Dom Riccobene and his family purchased a router equipped with a Fagor control for the intended purpose of designing prototype paving systems. With some creativity and cinematic mastery, he was able to repurpose that router to create beautiful landscape pieces to the delight of over 240K followers worldwide!

Big Success at AWFS Woodworking Show! First NA trade show since 2019

At North America’s largest woodworking show, we got the chance to interview the company behind some of the most eye-catching UV-visual art for various rides at Disney World & Universal Studios. We also got the chance to give Tony Gunn a tour of our booth and showcase our new Industry 4.0 solution, HMI Elite.

Five-axis machine for research projects

Rey Juan Carlos University will use a five-axis machine in its research projects. The fourth largest Spanish university has recently acquired one of the most advanced models of the Bulgarian company RAIS , a machine including Fagor Automation technology.

Project IIOT4ALL has been successfully completed

Project IIOT4ALL has been successfully completed

The IIOT4ALL project has been successfully completed. This project, carried out in collaboration with AFM cluster and Savvy Data Systems, has aimed to deploy and validate a solution to acces a management system of a plant that integrates devices from previous generations that are not compatible with the new communication standards.