Are you using Tool Inspection to it’s full potential?

Sometimes, it’s the features that come free with the CNC System that end up making such a difference in productivity. Within the Tool Inspection feature, which comes standard on all Fagor controls, Fagor provides a unique one step approach to interrupting and restarting your program. It’s never been so easy!

When interrupting the execution of a program with STOP and entering the INSPECTION mode, besides being able to jog the axes, stop the spindle, etc. it is possible to open the MDI and execute any type of blocks and perform Tool Calibration.

The CNC allows canceling the execution of an interrupted program ([STOP] key) keeping the program history (machining conditions) and resume execution at another, previous or a later block of the same program.

Mohit Gambhir as he goes in depth with Fagor’s Tool Inspection Feature. “Regardless of the machine type, whether it is a mill, lathe, or even general purpose application, this feature stays the same. With this feature activated, it will allow us to jog the axis to any position, inspect the tool status, adjust tool offset, change the tool, and restart the program from a few blocks before you stopped. ” says Mohit

To see how easy it is to use Tool Inspection on a Fagor equipped machine, click on the thumbnail below to watch our video! Stay tuned for more exceptional videos in the future!