Big Success at AWFS Woodworking Show! First NA trade show since 2019

At North America’s largest woodworking show, we got the chance to interview the company behind some of the most eye-catching UV-visual art for various rides at Disney World & Universal Studios. We also got the chance to give Tony Gunn a tour of our booth and showcase our new Industry 4.0 solution, HMI Elite.

At AWFS 2021, Fagor Automation North America enjoyed its booth space next to its partner, Diversified Machine Systems (DMS), highlighting the relationship between CNC control and machine tool application. DMS had live machine demos of two top-quality Freedom Machine CNC routers in their booth, both with the windows based Fagor 8070 control.


Also in the DMS booth was Instagram landscape sculptor, Dom Riccobene. Dom utilizes a Freedom router to sculpt landscapes of beautiful geological locations.


“The Fagor controller was really easy to learn,” says Riccobene, “it plays a huge part in my content, and I really couldn’t shoot the videos like I do without it.” Dom has machined Mt. Taranki, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and even San Andreas from Grand Theft Auto V. He currently has earned over 243k followers on Instagram. You can check out the full interview here.


Displayed in the SCM booth was the SCM DMC Sandman 3-Axis Cabinet/Door Sanding Center. The Sandman machine is equipped with a CNC 8070 Fagor control that has been customized with an OEM designed user-friendly interface that allows the operator to easily enter the sanding parameters. This machine is also designed to automatically measure the incoming part, expediting the manufacturing workflow.


At the Fagor booth, we got the chance to learn about a very impressive application for the Fagor control. We met with GP Color Imaging Group, a premier large format printer that specializes in the themed entertainment industry. GP Color Imaging Group has produced specialized UV Fluorescent displays for Universal Studios, Disney World, the E3 PlayStation exhibit, and much more.


“We have a Freedom Router with a Fagor control, and we are extremely pleased with it because of the precision level” says Wesley Adams, CEO of GP Color Imaging Group. “It has given us many benefits because all parts fit no matter what we cut: paper, plastic, metal… We are able to make a perfect fit every time.”


We also got the chance to give Tony Gunn, media host of MTDCNC Global News, a tour of the Fagor booth and an introduction to our new portable user interface, HMI Elite. The new Human Machine Interface was running on a touch screen 8070 control at the show, and was mentioned to be platform independent and fully customizable thanks to being built on HTML 5 web based language. You can see the full interview with MTDCNC here.