CNC8058 Turnkey Package Product Release: Your Upgrade just got an Upgrade

Those looking to upgrade their manually operated machines to a fully automated CNC can now enjoy the full power of our newest line of Industrial CNC Control Systems. Introducing the CNC8058 Turnkey Package with HD graphics, Windows 10 OS, and one of the most top-rated conversational programming workflows in the industry with customizable navigation.

A Fagor Turnkey Package is a pre-engineered CNC-Servo System. The CNC is integrated into a functional machine tool pendant and the Servo System is engineered into an electrical cabinet. The two systems are integrated to provide a working Turnkey System ready for installation. Each system is pre-wired and configured for your specific machine application by our technicians and is fully functional upon delivery.

The package also includes precision ball screws, powerful 31in/lb motors, custom motor brackets, a Fagor Handwheel, and enclosures.

The new CNC System

Traditionally the package would be sold with the Linux-based CNC8055 system. Now available is the 8058CNC system, utilizing the latest Windows 10 system, specifically designed to bring high-end features for Knee Mills, Bed Mills, Teach-in Lathes, and other simple 3 axis applications. Users can now enjoy features such as:

  • The free PC simulator for offline programming and training
  • Custom splash screens on startup
  • Remote CNC support via TeamViewer
  • High resolution display with HD graphics
  • Built in Fagor CAD/CAM system
  • .DXF to G-Code conversion
  • Training videos
  • 4th axis ready with interpolation
  • 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, and CFast card


The system has both ISO/G-Code and conversational programming capabilities. You can also easily switch from automatic to manual mode.

To see how easy it is to operate the new CNC8058 Turnkey Package, check out our new tutorial on how to get started with the system below.

For more information, please email us at or ask to speak to our sales department at 847 981 1500.