Fagor Exposed Linear Encoders see significant demand increase with Linear Motor Stage applications

Industrial Additive, robotic assemblies, pick and place loaders… Applications requiring high accuracy, high speeds, and repeatable motions are increasingly utilizing turnkey linear stages. However, most linear servo stages don’t have the space required for enclosed encoders. To achieve precise and repeatable movement in a tight space, Fagor Automation offers exposed linear encoders.

Linear Motor Stages

Yaskawa Sigma Trac II linear motor stage, equipped with Fagor EXA Exposed Linear Encoder

Precision linear motor stages are utilized for high load and high-speed applications, providing linear motion with high accuracy and motion fidelity. They have found widespread appeal for their ease of installation, reduction of mechanical components, and affordability. Linear motor stages are marketed as a preassembled linear motion solution that can simply be bolted down into a machine design.

They are often utilized in applications for inspection, packaging, assembly, and additive applications. They also find applications in robotics as an additional base axis, allowing one robot to tend to multiple cells.

Fagor Exposed Linear Encoders

Fagor Exposed Encoders aren’t just used linear motor stages. They were designed and developed as solutions for applications requiring exceptional accuracy combined with high speeds. Applications such as these are found in the Semi-conductor market, circuit assembly machine builders, precision machine tool market, metrology markets, and scientific applications.

The exposed encoders consist of 3 different series models. The EXA series, available in lengths up to 16 meters, utilize a self-adhesive 6 mm stainless steel tape designed for applications with limited mounting space. The EXG guided series are available in lengths up to 6 meters and utilize a 10 mm stainless steel tape with an intermediate fixed point for defined thermal behavior. The EXT tension series utilizes the same 10 mm robust stainless-steel tape but is available in lengths of up to 30 meters.

All 3 series incorporate non-contact technology for maximum accuracy. Robust reflective stainless-steel tape, with a formulated high resistance to solvents, ensures reliability in intended application environments.

The absolute measurement system is a direct digital measure of machine position. It is utilized in linear motor stages because it is fast, accurate, and does not require homing of the machine. The position value is available from the moment the machine

is turned on and may be requested by the connected device at any time. Providing for a broad variety of different applications, the Exposed Linear Encoders are available in many different Absolute Digital Protocols including Panasonic, Yaskawa, BiSS, Mitsubishi, and SSI. Fagor non-contact encoders are also available in 1Vpp or TTL output incremental signals.

The highly advanced R2 Reader Head can provide a guaranteed accuracy of ±5 microns. Each R2 contains the integrated interpolation electronics directly within the compact Reader Head, as well as an LED alignment indicator.


Fagor Automation prioritizes three cornerstones in encoder design: optical design, electronic design and mechanical design that result in a state-of-the-art product. To ensure quality and reliability in all its products, Fagor Automation utilizes the most advanced technology and testing and manufacturing facilities. From centralized computer control temperature monitoring, cleanliness, and relative humidity control. Separate laboratories test different climates, vibration, and EMC to certify the designs.