Free CNC Tutorial Videos for 8060 / 8065 / 8070

Interested in learning advanced functionalities and unique features of the Fagor Control? Or are you interested in a refresh on the basics? CNC Experts at Fagor Automation North America have been producing tutorial videos on frequently asked topics for the 8060/8065/8070 line of CNC Controls.


The intent is to provide a resource for any user to quickly learn (or relearn) how to perform important tasks on their control. Each video is intended to be short to quickly cover only the specified topic. These videos are also a great resource to familiarize yourself with the product if you are interested in adding the control to your shop.


OEMs and integrators that feature Fagor controls on their machines are invited to share these videos with their customers and on their websites.


The expertise in these tutorial videos comes from a variety of different sources at Fagor. CNC Experts currently featured include Mohit Gambhir (Toronto Sales & Applications Engineer), Bob Miceli (East Coast CNC Sales Manager), Artur Gugulski (Midwest CNC Sales Manager), and Thiago Miranda (Applications Engineer).


We intend to continue producing these videos on future topics based on requests from our YouTube comments.



Each of the current videos can be viewed below by clicking on the images or titles. To stay up to date with new content, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Control Navigation
Length 8:38

Tool Probing
Length 18:48