Lathe Conversational Programming FULL COURSE – Fagor TC CNC 8060 / 8065

Fagor Automations free CNC training video series has been tailored specifically to machine operators who want to become more familiar with the unique features of the Fagor CNC System. Now, all the knowledge typically provided during onsite training for our Conversational Turning System is available conveniently online for free on YouTube!

Join Fagor CNC expert Mohit Ghambir as he goes in depth with Fagor’s easy-to-master Conversational Turning System. “You will all be amazed to see how easy and user friendly this control is, and no prior knowledge of any CNC machine or programming is required” says Mohit.


Conversational programming is commonly used throughout the manufacturing industry. Conversational programming allows the operator to create programs without any prior knowledge of G-Code programming in a fast and intuitive way. This course covers all the operations, procedures, and advanced functionalities that are typically covered during onsite training.


To see how easy it is to use Conversational Programming on a Fagor equipped lathe, click on the thumbnail below to watch our video! Stay tuned for more exceptional videos in the future!