The FAGOR AUTOMATION Machining calculator speeds up computing Optimal Machining Feedrate and Speed

Do you know Fagor Automation’s FMC calculator? Tool cutting data for machining can be obtained from a CAM system, a tool supplier or based on the experience of the operator. What can be done when none of these options are available? Fagor Automation offers you the solution.


La calculadora FMC de FAGOR AUTOMATION

The FMC (Fagor Machining Calculator) feature offers the programmer a fully integrated machining condition calculator (feedrate and speed) that computes the optimal feed rate and speed for machining scenarios. FMC also estimates the cutting power of the machining process.


Utilizing the integrated database of materials and machining operations; the FMC recommends to the operator the best tool to use during the editing process and the best cutting parameters.The FMC feature is fast and easy, being extremely useful for operators with limited technological knowledge or who wish to streamline the programming process for expert operators.


The FMC feature also allows OEMs and end-users to import their own information tables to their local FMC database, as well as manually enter in materials and operations to use later.

If you would like to know more about Fagor’s FMC calculator, please contact us and we will answer all your questions!