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Next-generation silicon-based power electronics for decarbonisation in mobility, industry and grid.

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Start date, end date:
June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2022

Project costs: 74 257 768,75€

Project coordinator:
Infineon Dresden

Number of Participants: 43



Next-generation silicon-based power electronics for decarbonisation in mobility, industry and grid.

The objectives in Power2Power aim to foster a holistic, digitized pilot line approach by accelerating the transition of ideas to innovations in the Power Electronic Components and Systems domain. In the course of this project, the international leadership of the European industry in this segment will be strengthened by means of a digitized pilot line approach along the supply chain located entirely in Europe; working together with multiple organizations, combining different disciplines and knowledge areas in the heterogeneous power-ECS environment. Only these comprehensive efforts will allow reaching a high-volume production of smart power electronics to change the market towards energy-efficient applications to meet the carbon dioxide reduction goals of the European Union. Consequently, economic growth and Tackling grand societal challenges “Energy” and “Mobility” lead to safeguarding meaningful jobs for European citizens. Silicon-based power solutions will outperform new materials (SiC, GaN) for many more years in terms of cost-to-performance-ratio and reliability. Thus, the Silicon-based power solutions will keep innovating and growing the upcoming years. On a long run the project Power2Power will significantly impact the path to the industrial ambition of value creation by digitizing manufacturing and development in Europe. It fully supports this vision by addressing key topics of both pillars “Key Applications” and “Essential Capabilities”. By positioning Power2Power as innovation action, a clear focus on exploitation of the expected result is a primary goal. Smart energy utilization with highly efficient power semiconductor-based electronics is key in carefully utilizing the scarce resources. Energy generation, energy conversion and smart actors are these application domains where advanced high voltage power semiconductor components primarily impact the path toward winning innovations.


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