Absoluter Winkelcodierer ohne integrierte Lager – Serie UT

Serie UT
Plano – Serie UT

Angular encoder without integral bearings for angular position measurements:

  • The system comprises two components: the reader head and a stainless steel ring with the engraved graduation:
    • Motor does not require a higher torque to start rotating as the encoder is contact-less and without sealings between the parts.
    • It may need additional protection to reach the IP required by the application.
    • The modular system allows, if needed, for a quick and easy maintenance in comparison with other solutions with the encoder integrated in one system.
  • Only one absolute track with patented 3STATECH technology. Homing immediately after powering on the machine without moving the axis.
  • The digital communication provides the position to the control system at high angular velocity.
  • Excellent features together with the CNC system enable a smooth and reliable position control.
  • Large mounting tolerances: easy alignment and assembly.
  • Designed for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, testing and measuring systems, printers, rotary tables, as well as integration with rotary motors (typically C axis in lathes) or with DD (Direct Drive) motors.