L3 Modular Encoder – Accuracy combined with Contamination Resistance

Specially designed for a high-performance environment requiring speed and accuracy, the L series modular encoder has always been a staple of accuracy for large scale machines. Now perfected with new opto-electronic technology and a vastly improved body design.

Connected, robust and accurate

Series3 high accuracy linear encoders are the result of decades accumulating knowledge and experience while seeking to exceed customer requirements in the automation industry. Thanks to the advances made in recent years, this new family of linear encoders incorporates an opto-electronic technology fully developed and patented by Fagor Automation: 3STATECH.

The encoders of the Series3 family communicate with the CNC system through its own Feedat communication protocol, which makes it possible to achieve very fast position loops with nanometric resolutions to achieve precise finishes.

They are suitable for all sizes of precision machinery, from as little as 70 mm or as long as 60 meters. These encoders share benefits of ease of installation, robustness, precision, resolution, and communication with the rest of the Series3 models. The L3 model has exclusive characteristics, such as stainless steel tape designed to avoid incorrect assembly, as well as a unique tensioning system that allows the readerhead to be mounted on either side of the encoder.

These are the main characteristics of the new encoders of the Series3 family.


Industrial components manufacturers face challenges in achieving highly demanding results under adverse working conditions. When machines are either idle or under operation, grime can build up with the accumulation of condensation or vapors. This makes it problematic when calculating the position of a machine’s axes, extending start-up times for equipment and reducing the efficiency of the production processes.

In response, Fagor Automation has developed 3STATECH, an optoelectronic technology that identifies contamination and performs an accurate calculation of the position requiring less information. This development offers even greater protection against chemicals used during machining processes such as lubricants, coolants, and cutting oils.


Series3 encoders feature a rigid clamping system and improved mechanical technology that provide high resistance to contamination and adverse machine conditions common in the machine tool industry. The L3 Encoder also comes with an improved thermal determined mounting system that guarantees a thermal behavior identical to that of the machine surface. The L3 features two mounting system options, clamped or unclamped.

Optimal communication

The digital FeeDat protocol provides optimal communication with the Fagor control system. In addition, custom development allows additional information to be sent to the CNC system that can be utilized to implement unique characteristics, resulting in improved performance of the equipment.

Accurate measurement

The encoders stand out on the market for providing repeatable micrometric precision over time, as well as nanometric resolution at high working speeds, that contribute to achieving smooth, precise, and repeatable shaft control.

Easy assembly

The wide variety of mounting options where there is no need for nuts, and a complete set of accessories and tools, allow the encoder to be installed in the best location and easily