San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) held the 20th edition of the Machine Tool Conference, on June 10th, 11th and 12th at the Miramon Technological Park and FAGOR AUTOMATION was one of the attendees.

The conference offered technical lectures on highly interesting and most current subjects in the field of advanced manufacturing and it was an excellent occasion to make connections and set cooperations between the participants by making it possible for business men, technicians, students and teachers share their experiences.

The theme of this 20th edition had to do with the latest novelties in manufacturing, like the concept of “Industry 4.0”, Additive Manufacturing, “Zero Defects Manufacturing”, automation and robotics, innovation in machines and processes as well as novelties in components and tools. There were round tables for discussions and an exhibition area where Fagor Automation had a booth.

20 CMH

The opening of this conference, presided by the president of the Basque Community Mr. Íñigo Urkullu was done with a Key Note by the great expert and world reference on additive manufacturing, Mr Terry Wohlers.

The concept of “Industry 4.0” played a great role. On Friday, June 12th, they introduced some basic notions of this new concept and talked about technologies that will help us get us closer to the Industry 4.0, like robotics, “Big Data” and data processing and embedded systems or “visual computing”.

FAGOR AUTOMATION had a strong presence and participated with several lectures contributing their knowhow and research on advanced manufacturing and machining. On one hand, on the 11th, Ms. Ane Lazcano lectured on kinematics re(calibration) methods for 5-axis machines with a CNC and, on the 12th, Mr. Julio Zurbitu participated in a round table on Tuning 4.0 and Services 4.0 for machine tools.

Also, AFM presented its new association, Addimat (Spanish Association for Additive and 3D Manufacturing Technology). Addimat’s goals are to defend the interests of the sector, support its growth and the competitiveness of the sector as well as contribute to the cooperation between its members and the large family of advanced manufacturing.

This 20th Machine Tool Conference has been an excellent opportunity to promote our products and services to a specialized audience.