Feedback Systems for other industries

FAGOR's open linear encoders are designed for use in machines and systems that usually require high precision at high travel speeds. Typical applications for these systems are:

  • Production and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry.
  • Circuit assembly machinery.
  • Very high precision machine tools.
  • Measuring and comparison machines, measuring microscopes and other precision devices.
  • Linear motors.

With an increasing degree of chip complexity and higher density packaging of electronic components, the families of non-contact linear and angular encoders allow smooth and precise control of movements at high speeds and accelerations of equipment for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, verification and control such as wire bonding, PCB drilling, X-ray analysis or visual quality control.

From the study of the microscopic world of fundamental particles to the exploration of the Universe, the complete range of very robust encoders offers reliable and repeatable remote control of dozens of equipment in Large Research Infrastructures (LRIs) such as undulators, diffractometers or spectrometers.

From optical comparators to three-dimensional measuring equipment (CMM) the complete range of open or closed linear and angular encoders are ideal for metrology applications because of their easy installation, excellent signals generated from high quality substrates and determined thermal behavior that can be compensated in the control system minimizing measurement errors."

Whether in equipment based on polymers, metals, ceramics or bio-materials, the range of closed linear and angular encoders highly resistant to solid contaminants, allow precise positioning of material layers improving dimensional tolerances and quality of parts manufactured by any of the different additive manufacturing technologies such as SLM or WAAM."

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