Fagor Digital Suite

Decision making made simple

Our digitization solution for your machines.

FAGOR DIGITAL SUITE is Fagor's digitalization solution that makes it possible to connect the machines with the rest of the production and management systems, capturing all the necessary data and transforming it into valuable information to facilitate decision making.

01. Features

Standard or customized to customer needs.

Compatible with the main CNCs in the market.

OPCUA, UMATI, MTConnet, MQTT, etc.

Connectable with all other systems.

standard or customized

Fast implementation, scalable in terms of equipment and features and minimally intrusive.

Cybersecurity: ISO/IEC 15408:2009, ISO/IEC 18045:2008 and CommonCriteria

02. User Oriented

The solution is designed for users who are looking for indicators to improve the availability and efficiency of their machines, integrating information from the machine, technical office, personnel, planning, production, etc.

  • The modules that make up the standard user offer, provide valuable information in real time and historical by periods, evolution and comparison in areas such as: availability, efficiency, quality, OEE, electrical and energy consumption data, reporting by profiles, etc.

03. Manufacturer Oriented

The solution for machine builders who want to manage their assets while enabling new services on them. A suite of tools is provided to the machine manufacturer that enables the creation of new digital products and services:

  • All user-oriented services: Manufacturers will be able to access all modules and features related to machine data.
  • Customized virtual cloud with asset, access, user, etc. management.
  • Teleservice and maintenance: Enables remote access and diagnostics, notification and alarm management, etc.
  • The platform enables remote upgrades of firmware, PLCs, etc.
  • Development and administration of APIs: Allows the development and deployment of applications in your machine park, with global or individualized management, which can be oriented to new features, maintenance, etc.
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