Powerful. Compact. Smart.

All inclusive. The next generation transformational technology that leaves everything else behind. This new system comes fitted with outstanding new features.

Fagor Automation presents QUERCUS, a CNC Automation System, at your fingertips. This is a combination of decades of our knowledge and experience in machine tool sector, together with, technological advancements of the future. QUERCUS will completely TRANSFORM your overall CNC and automation experience. The advantages of the QUERCUS system:

  • CNC with improved and agile control algorithms and very compact hardware.
  • Redesigned servo drives and power supplies, with revamped power and control circuits using the most technologically advanced electronics.
  • Inclusion of the latest servo bus, Sercos III, using Industrial Ethernet technology at super-fast 100 MBd.
  • Simplification of the DC bus connections to facilitate quick assembly.
  • Standardization of nomenclature and connectors for all products.
  • Introduction of new features for auto configuration, tuning and diagnosis resulting in streamlined and efficient installation.

QUERCUS incorporates all of the current market’s requirements while also being built to integrate future enhancements. This system will allow our customers continued growth and access to all of Fagor Automation’s future developments.

01. Advanced Technology

Complete redesign

More powerful control algorithms and circuits with the latest technology

Even more compact

Easier and more efficient assembly

More powerful algorithms

Technological innovations

Improved CPU

The complete new design of our CNCs incorporating CPU’s with improved and expandable features (such as higher speed of processing, more memory capacity, etc.) in all models, provides support for more powerful and AGILE control algorithms and reinforces an architecture of innovative and flexible system.

We have completely revitalized our CNCs and created a very compact hardware platform.

02. Ethernet

New Sercos III Servo Bus

Back to simplicity.
Easier-to-use Industrial Ethernet-based connections.

Fagor Automation introduces a new servo communication bus between the CNC and the drive modules. The Industrial Ethernet-based Sercos III bus means- speeds of up to 100 MBd can be achieved.

With ultra-fast communication bus, the CNC can receive and manage a lot more information sent by the servo and spindle axes and centralize the information management. Consequently, the system’s configuration is even more automated, since it detects any connected modules (auto detection), such as servo drives, motors, feedback devices like linear encoders etc.

This centralization of information also allows for:

  • Remote version updates including new feature enhancements for connected modules.
  • Improvements to diagnostics and the access to all the element variables of the system using the built-in CNC Oscilloscope, from the servo drives to feedback and motor variables.
  • Faster integration and better management of functions that depend on more than one axis (Tandem, Synchronism etc.).

And all of this has been achieved with a significant simplification of the cabling system, with replacement of optical fiber with easier to install STP Ethernet cables (Shielded Twisted Pair).

New Sercos III Servo Bus

Ethernet Connection


of Information


Bus Speed


03. Full Digital

We talk digital...

...and we can speak with everyone. Serial encoder-ready.

Feedback inputs are developed for real-time FeeDat (Fagor), SSI, etc. serial communication protocols. This represents a totally digital system, from command to all the way to feedback, since all the involved modules communicate via digital protocols, hence resulting in huge improvements in the control data flow and a greater immunity to noise, etc.

These feedback inputs are standardized for all the elements connected to the control bus, both for the CNC and the servo drives, and includes regenerative power supplies when used. The improved new connectors are smaller, more secure and compact.

Full Digital

Compatibility and integration

Fully digital

04. Even smaller

Both for CNCs...

...to create an extremely compact platform

Reduction of around 45% to 60% (depending on model) in size compared to the previous CNC platform.

And for drive modules...

...with single and double modules to save cabinet space

Now, a unique servo drive module is capable of controlling 2 axes.
Reduction for
integrated CNCs
Reducción en CNC integrados
for modular CNCs
Reducción en CNC Modulares

05. Mechanically Compatible Central Unit

...for the entire family of CNCs

Provides maximum flexibility when designing the machine control panels. A wide variety of monitors and panels are available for any integrated CNC from the 8060/8065/8070 family.

Unidad Central

As the central unit is MECHANICALLY COMPATIBLE for the whole CNC family, this control console can be similar for different machine types, regardless of the CNC model.

Integrated CPU for models 8060 / 8065 / 8070

Greater flexibility for CNC configurations with an integrated monitor

06. VESA mount

New installation system for modular CNC

When using the simple VESA mount adapter, a CNC can be connected directly to monitors of various sizes.

We have a new universally acceptable assembly arrangement to attach a modular CNC directly to a Fagor or a third-party monitor. This allows various new possibilities for machine manufacturers for their control cabinet design. This unique and new installation method provides an alternative to cabinet assembly. Its small size and a thickness of only 36.5 mm, means a very sleek control panel or cabinet

icono acotación36,5mm thick

07. Web technology-based HMIelite

Easy to program and portability to other platforms








The technology allows a single web design to display everything correctly on any portable device

New revitalized multiplatform HMIelite, based on HTML5 technology that is modern looking and simplified. The HTML5-based software allows for the screen format and aesthetics to be modified and customized in a simplified manner. The redesigned user screens enhance appearance and make them more intuitive and user friendly.

08. Always Ready for the future

QUERCUS is the CNC automation system that can help you grow vertically and allows you to be always prepared for most demanding requirements of the current and future markets.

QUERCUS means YOU will always stay in tune with Fagor Automation’s latest technological advancements,innovations and developments.

Which CNCelite are you interested in?

CNC 8065elite T

Designed for parallel Lathes with optional C-axis and intended for on-machine operation, without the need for advanced programming knowledge.

CNC 8060 T

CNC 8060elite T

Designed to suit the needs of slant bed lathes and large production lathes, offering the latest technology.

CNC 8058elite T

Designed to control high production turning centers, vertical lathes with inclined bed, parallel, double turret (TT), etc.

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