Optimizing your CNC

A unique CNC experience awaits... are you ready for it?

01. Optimizing your CNC

Web Technology-based HMI

New revitalized multiplatform HMI based on HTML technology


Adaptable to all screen formats, from wide format panoramic to compact screens.

Multi touch

Designed to take full advantage of the ease of use of touch devices


Remote and portable device connections are possible. The remote connection allows immediate and easy access for diagnosis or monitoring of unattended machine, for data collection and analysis purposes including troubleshooting.

Web Technology

The web-based technology HMIelite multiplatform means easier customizations.
With a single development you can visualize the screens on all types of platforms, such as Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, etc.

HMIelite Responsive With decades of unique CNC development experience, Fagor Automation updates the ENTIRE graphical interface the CNC.

02. Restyling the CNC image

Another way of looking at the CNC

Provides an exceptional user experience

  • Expertly designed, where every detail has been considered.
  • The learning curve of new operators is reduced to a minimum given its ease of use.
  • Work with your CNC in an intuitive, friendly, and conversational way.
  • Easily display all the HELP you need with interactive assistance fully integrated into the cycles.
  • The End User’s CNC experience has never been so easy and flexible.

If you try it, you won't want to go back!

HMIelite is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes operating CNC machines simple and efficient, even for users who are not used to CNC programming (ISO language).


03. Open to endless customization options

Increase and optimize

Progressive customization, from a simple language change to designing complete screens, or even a completely unique user interface.

Customization allows you to change languages, aesthetics, create user cycles, modify a specific area of ​​the screen, create pages and create a totally new HMI.

In other words, if the default display for HMIelite does not suit your needs or your personal preferences, we give you all the flexibility in the world so that you can adapt it to your preferences. The user defines what is most relevant to them and how to view it according to their preferences.

Language packs

The following link includes all language packages uploaded to the Marketplace. Download the language you want and install it easily.

Pages zones

With HMIelite, the right zone of standar Jog and Auto pages could be modified. This allows you to have the most important information in one unique page, next to the axes position zone. Download our predefined page zones from the Marketplace or create a customized one.

The following link includes all predefined page zones for HMIelite. Download the option you like and install it easily.

Aesthetic themes

Fagor's HMIelite allows to custom the user interface's color theme. With this feature, new colour themes could be defined and added to the pre-defined ones. It is also possible to match each user/role with a different theme.

The following link includes all predefined themes for HMIelite. Download the option you like and install it easily.

Whole Pages

If the customized page zone is not enough to meet your personal needs, it is also possible to customize complete pages and its softkeys, from very simple ones, to more complex pages. These custom pages could be integrated in HMIelite.

The following link includes all predefined pages uploaded to the Marketplace. Download the page you need and install it easily.

User cycles

Fagor User Cycles make operator’s job easier and help to work efficiently. With HMIelite, we bring the opportunity to create custom user cycles, completely adapted to your needs, that will be completely integrated in the HMI and connected to the CNC.

Complete HMI

If the solutions we offer do not fit with your needs, HMIelite also allows advanced customization options, such as to create your personal HMI. Using our API connection library, it is poosible to create an external application connected to a CNC controller.

04. New Features

More intelligent functionalities

Open up new possibilities with new features


The geometry editor allows you to quickly and easily edit any type of profile made up of straight and circular sections.



New machine STATUS page

New TraceManager tool

Connectivity with remote devices

05. Online help and training

Find your course or tutorial

Easy-to-understand documentation and training material based on online digital media (video tutorials, etc.)


Multiple ready-to-use customization options that can be integrated into your CNC after a simple download.

Save time by downloading cycles in one click


Grinding cycles pack

Download this pack in order to get all official Fagor grinding cycles. Composed by six differentes cycles, this pack will allow you to program grinding operations in a simple and intuitive way.

Right Zone

Right page zone example

Get a customized component example to be displayed at the right zone of your HMI.

This specific example shows two different information areas: Data display area and block mode area.


Page example II

Fully customized page example. Get this example and learn how to customize your HMI so it fits to your needs and preferences.


Reverse boring

Reverse boring cycle

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