Feedback Systems for conventional machines

Linear and rotary standard range encoders

Types of incremental encoders

  • Linear encoder: Ideal for milling, grinding, lathe and boring mill applications requiring federates of up to 120 m/min and vibrations of up to 10 g.
  • Rotary encoder: Used as a measuring sensor for rotary movements, angular speeds and also linear movement when connected to a mechanical device like ball screw. They are also used on various types of machine tools and robotic applications.


Measuring Methods
Fagor Automation uses two measuring methods in their incremental encoders:

  • Graduated glass: Linear encoders with a measuring length of up to 3 040 mm and rotary encoders.
  • Graduated steel: Linear encoders over 3 040 mm measuring length.

Digital readouts

Fagor Automation’s digital readouts offer advanced features, designed to optimize the performance of milling machines, lathes, boring mills, EDM machines and grinders.

Fagor’s Innova DRO series with significant features:

  • For lathes, milling machines and boring mills of up to 4 axes, with 5.7″ TFT monitor.
  • For EDM machines and grinders of up to 3 axes, with LED display.
  • Part programming.
  • Constant surface speed.
  • 3D graphic assistance for programming and simulation.
  • Intuitive operations.
  • Best view from any angle.
  • USB connection for copying data.
  • Axis preset.
  • Easy setup and auto-off.
  • Dimensions in mm and inches.

Fagor Automation offers their customers technical support and service for application installation and setup.