5-axis machining

5-AXIS MACHINING: 3D compensation, Kinematics calibration, CSROT, Virtual axis, etc.

3D Compensation

Allows compensating, for example in 3D machining, for problems due to CAD-CAM generated programs, with machining tools not available in the shop. This feature corrects 3D tool paths to obtain the same final part with a different size tool.


Kinematics calibration

It offers automatic calibration of a 5-axis machining system during setup or maintenance.


Tool orientation in the part coordinate system (CSROT)

This instruction adapts the tool orientation with respect to the defined inclined plane. For example, if the part has not been properly secured on the machine, it lets compensate its inclination while it carries out a 5-axis machining operation.

Virtual axis

A virtual axis is a fictitious axis that always moves in the direction in which the tool is oriented. For movements perpendicular to the plane, just activate the virtual axis and the CNC will adapt the position of the rotary axes accordingly.