A new succes case on how to extend the life cycle of a machine with Fagor Automation

A new succes case on how to extend the life cycle of a machine with Fagor Automation was carried out with AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY, the French market leader in expandable shafts and safety headstock.

The company has equipped one of its large production lathes with a Fagor CNC 8060 system. AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY, together with four other companies, is part of the French industrial group REG SAS, focused on sectors such as nuclear energy, water, chemicals, oil, gas, agri-food, packaging, and textiles, etc.

In particular, AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY has been designing and implementing winding and unwinding solutions for the packaging, textile and plastics industries since 1944. In addition to being the market leader in France, it also has subsidiaries in Germany and Poland.

It is particularly recognized in the world of textile carding, in the manufacture of large rollers and drums (diameters from 350 to 1500 mm up to 5100 mm in length), respecting very tight constraints of concentricity (tolerance of 0.05 mm over 5100 m in length) and dynamic balance (G 0.4).

After having analyzed other options on the market, AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY opted for the solution presented by the company CoiN SAS and Fagor Automation for the manufacture of the aforementioned parts with this lathe.

Created in 2014 by Gérard COIN, CoiN is a French company that mainly specialized in the sale, design, automation, reconversion, and maintenance of machinery. It is a company with which Fagor Automation collaborates regularly due to its great competence in the integration of our equipment in all types of projects.

The converted machine is a SAFOP with C-axis and turret with the motorized tool. To facilitate the operator’s work, it has been equipped with an 18″ monitor and the conversational work mode has been enabled, which is ideal for this type of machine where precise manufacturing must be very flexible and programming must be agile and fast.