Aspheres made easy… Kreischer Optics

Kreischer Optics has become a world leading expert in the field of precision optics over the last 60 years to the extent that many leading Technology organizations such as the US Military, Northrop Grumman and DNA facilities across the world turn too Kreischer Optics for their Precision Optic needs…

Aspheric optical surfaces are those whose shapes are not constrained to be spherical.

Due to this complexity, Kreischer Optics turned to OptiPro out of Ontario, New York and their ultraform machine equipped with the Fagor Pentium PC based 8070 CNC System.

Made in the USA, the Optipro Ultraform is a machine built specifically for 4 or 5 axes polishing of precision optics. Applications range from finishing of rotational symmetric spheres, aspheres and complex conformal geometries with “raster finishing”. Precision finishing for optical glasses, infrared materials, crystalline materials such as AION, spinel, sapphire and polycrystalline alumina as well as ceramics.

One of the key points that made this machine attractive was the flexibility of the Fagor 8070 CNC System states Roger Consdorf, Polishing Manager at Kreischer Optics.

OptiPro was able to develop a customized editor that automatically creates the G-code tool path and even plot the path graphically before you execute directly on the Fagor 8070 CNC. This allowed Kreischer Optics to simply enter in the known variables to automatically generate the Asphere tool path.

Making the right decisions for 60 years has allowed Kreischer to maintain their world-leading status….. choosing the OptiPro Ultraform polishing machine equipped with the Fagor 8070 CNC is just one of many of these good decisions that has helped Kreischer Optics stay on top of the Optical world.