Beijing Hi-Powerful CNC machine: high-end grinding intelligent equipment

Beijing Hi-Powerful CNC Machine Co., Ltd, a grinding machine company, was founded in 2010. Since its inception, it has focused on research, development, and manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment.

The company’s great success lies in the accumulation of long-term experience and knowledge of knife grinding technology. Its main products include CNC peripheral grinding machines for indexable blades.

Mr. Yao, General Manager of Beijing Haiyan, remarks that they have been familiar with Fagor products since the early 1980s. This is the reason why they select Fagor Automation products as the standard configuration of their machines without any hesitation. 

Fagor Automation Solutions

Fagor Automation supplies an integrated solution that includes CNC, servomotors and digital drives, and linear and angular encoders. Mr. Yao says it is a seamless integration that guarantees robust machine design and extreme performance for maximum efficiency.

Together with Fagor Automation’s CNCs Beijing Hi Powerful Co., Ltd has developed a special CNC interface for knife grinding. With this interface, the operator does not need professional programming knowledge, and only a few process parameters need to be included. This makes the machining process more efficient and convenient. 

Among Fagor Automation’s products, the company highlights mostly the new generation product Quercus, which includes CNCs, servo drivers, power supplies, and related accessories. With Quercus, the CNC is open to integrating future enhancements that ensure its product continues to grow. And it also allows for a more simplified and efficient machine set-up.