BIMATEC SORALUCE opens a unique technology centre in Europe

BIMATEC SORALUCE, Germany’s leading milling and boring enterprise and SORALUCE’s hub company in Europe, opened a new technology centre in Limburg, Germany, on 16 November 2012. BIMATEC SORALUCE has more than 20 years of market experience and over 1000 machines installed in the market.

With the aim of strengthening its presence in Germany, extending its facilities and projecting its image worldwide on the basis of its success in this country, BIMATEC-SORALUCE has increased its showroom facilities by 2500 m2, which will allow machines with vertical travel of up to 8 m to be displayed.

Fagor Automation staff was invited to the opening ceremony, which was held a tribute to the founders of Bimatec-SORALUCE and also attended MONDRAGON Corporation representatives.

The event also featured performances by world-famous Basque soprano Ainhoa Arteta, who has sung at venues including the New York Metropolitan Opera, and the comedian Dr. Jens Wegmann. Also chefs from the so called Basque Culinary Center were involved in this event.

In the words of Rafael Idigoras, the investment will not only strengthen and provide future projection to BIMATEC SORALUCE’s leadership in the German milling sub-sector, but also widen the footprint of the SORALUCE brand worldwide and give it the strength and credibility to become another example of the growing, excellent business relationship between the Basque and German companies.