Blue competence: Manufacturing sustainability initiative

Environmental conscience combined with successful financial management. Whoever goes into the world of WEILER (German lathe manufacturer) is amazed by the fact that in a surface of 14,000 m2 we have made it a reality what other still consider a futuristic utopia: A Smart Factory where most modern procedures go hand in hand with sustainability and resource rationalization.

Weiler1Technical manager, Mr. Johann Höller explains that sustainability does not conflict with state-of-the-art technology: “Our vision fits perfectly in this company. We have not only implemented photo-voltaic cells on the roofs of our pavilions to capture energy, but we have also taken advantage of the opportunity offered by the local bio-gas plant built by the farmers in the area and have integrated it into our overall design. The heat coming from this installation is now used to heat our production pavilions.”


Weiler and Fagor Automation are working together since 1998. Meeting Kanban’s delivery dates strengthens Fagor Automation’s role at Weiler.

According to Höller, “Fagor Automation is working approach is customer oriented and their sales representatives have truly made the impossible possible. The fact the Fagor measuring systems offer a great advantage in terms of costs is also an additional factor”.

A lot of features that result in considerable cost savings

Klaus Richter, manager of Fagor Automation GmbH Germany, adds: “As a general equipment manager, Fagor meets all market needs in turning, milling and grinding fields with their CNC systems, servo drives and motors, even linear and angular feedback systems. Our products offer many technical features that other manufacturers don’t offer and in practice they save considerable time and costs.” Especially Fagor encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ digital interface for connecting them to Siemens systems”.