Chameleon Project

On the 13th October, members of the Chameleon Project visited FAGOR AUTOMATION´s facilities in Eskoriatza (Gipuzkoa, Spain), to held the 4th Technical meeting. Nerea Arenaza from Fagor Aotek R&D center of Fagor Automation, was the meeting host.

This European project has been created to develop and build up a new concept of machine-tool based in Mechatronic devices, in order to cope with multiple and even opposed requirements of the machining operations.Consequently, the range of target machining operations covered by a single machine is dramatically increased.

12 research centers and small to mid-size companies of five European countries take part in this project, and they meet every 3 months to follow different tasks.

The following R&D centers take part in this project: Ideko-IK4, Tekniker, RWTH-Aachen and Fagor-Aotek, also manufacturers of machine-tool components like Cedrat, Micromega, Matzat and Goialde. And machine-tool manufacturers like Soraluce and DST that provide technological assistance to R&D centers and to component manufacturers.

This meeting at Fagor Automation was attended by the following members that had the opportunity to take a close look of the optical plant in Eskoriatza.
– From RWTH Aachen: Florian Lindner and Stephan Gsell
– From Micromega Dynamics: Stanislas Luyckx
– From CEDRAT: Alexander Pages
– From Ideko: Mikel Zatarain
– From Tekniker: José María Martínez, Ramón Arana, Joseba Arana and Ion Iturbe
– From Fagor AOTEK: Nerea Arenaza