Checkmate with Fagor CNCs

This time, the students from 1PFM (Higher Technician in Mechanical Production programming) of the IMH (Machine Tool Institute) in Elgoibar (Spain) have given us this chess board that they have created as their final project of their first academic year.

AJEDREZ(2)For that, they used the Kondia HM1060 milling machine with a Fagor CNC 8065 for milling operations and the Danobat TCN10 lathe with the Fagor CNC 8055 for turning operations.

Since the 2004-2005 school year, IMH has been implementing this working method through challenges and projects. The goal of this last project consists in teaching the students serial manufacturing with real cost calculations, statistics (machine capability and the process) and serial production per se. Thus, getting them acquainted with the CNC and the Machine Tool in a very natural way.

Thanks a lot for this gift!