CHINA: Jesus Amezaga, among the most influential Spanish executives

Fagor Automation’s Chief Executive for Asia, Jesus Amezaga, is among the ten most influential Spanish executives in China according to the Expansión newspaper. This group of the most influential Spanish executives in China also includes the Chief Executives in China of Spanish firms like Garrigues, Técnicas Reunidas, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, among others.

Amezaga touched down in China in 1998, when the country was still preparing to join the World Trade Organisation. Today he lives in Beijing and frequently travels across Asia and other countries in the region, as he is in charge of Fagor Automation in the Asian market, covering China, Taiwan, Korea and the Pacific in the machine automation systems manufacturing sector.

The Chinese market has become the leading manufacturer and consumer of machine tools and is therefore the most dynamic location in Asia. “Fagor Automation’s wise decision to set up in China more than 20 years ago is bearing fruit. We have achieved brand recognition and are established in the medium-high end sector of the market, thanks to which we are winning market share. In any case in China you can never claim victory as it is a tremendously competitive market in constant evolution, so you have to fight on a day-to-day basis” declared Mr Amezaga.