Collaborator´s corner: Emil Nicolescu


  • How and when did you become a distributor for Fagor Automation?

In 1995 I met Mr. Bernard Meyer, one of the most experienced Fagor Automation distributors in the world today. Noticing the potential of both Romanian enterprises and technicians, Mr. Bernard Meyer obtained from Fagor Automation HQ the possibility of managing this uncharted geographical area. Our fruitful discussions and collaboration determined Mr. Meyer to suggest I become his partner. I accepted his proposal, resigned my position as. Technical Director at an Electronic Research Institute, and embarked on a new journey.

  • What does Fagor Automation mean to your business?

Soon will be the 19 years mark of Fagor representing the sole focus of my activity. Everything started from scratch. The name Fagor was not very known in Romania, a market which Siemens (present here since 1952) and Heidenhain had good position. I had to win awareness and make Fagor an attractive option, and have done so by offering competitive prices and favorable conditions for the buyers. I received several proposals from Fagor competitors over the years, but have never considered working with another company.

  • What would you especially point out about Fagor Automation? What is your experience with Fagor Automation like?

I had heard and read about the Mondragon social ideology, but only fully understood it after I met the people of Fagor Automation. I was and still am impressed by the team spirit that each and every one expresses. I have constantly been assisted in overcoming whichever technical or financial difficulties I have faced. Although my status is not that of a Fagor employee, I feel like a member of this family and take great pride in it.

  • How would you rate our brand?

What started out as the more obscure Aurki gradually became Fagor Automation, a company which has known a very dynamic growth. The research sector successfully positioned itself as developing top quality lines. The production managed to keep up with the research and grew rather spectacularly. I would say I have witnessed the name Fagor penetrate and then fully assert itself in the premium segment of the machine-tools global market. In my opinion, the quality/cost ratio and reliability of Fagor products are undisputed.