FAGOR AUTOMATION INDIA has achieved a new milestone. DON BOSCO and FAGOR AUTOMATION INDIA have collaborated on the creation of a CNC technical training and mechanical manufacturing classroom project at the DON BOSCO TECHNICAL TRAINING SCHOOL campus in Krishnagar, West Bengal.

Both FAGOR AUTOMATION and DON BOSCO are strongly committed to deliver the technical know-how and quality training to improve the competitiveness of their students so as to meet the needs of the industry. Through this collaboration, a solid foundation has been laid out in the eastern region of India to provide high-level training that will help increase the social standard of many students. DON BOSCO TECHNICAL TRAINING SCHOOL will commence technical training for more than 250 students in every school cycle and will welcome students from other schools around the area for the training for the machine tool industry and in technological innovations at their own facilities. Moreover, work is underway to deliver vocational training in the near future for professionals employed in the sector.

The training centre being inaugurated has 25 computers with CNC PC Simulators installed on them, a CNC educational kit and a DRO kit, so students can practice with before moving into the mechanical manufacturing workshop to program and use real machines.

FAGOR AUTOMATION INDIA will continue collaborating with other Education Centers to include further technical training classrooms for the machine tool sector and, by doing so, will establish a firm footing for the country’s industry in the training of future professionals and by providing a service for companies that require their employees to be trained.