Collaborator’s corner: Phillip Caruso

Modern Tools

  • How and when did you become a distributor for Fagor Automation?

We became a distributor around 1984 after the original owner Mr. Werner Rembold attended a show in Hannover. At that time Fagor Automation was called Aurki.

  • What does Fagor Automation mean to your business?

Fagor Automation means a lot to my business as this is the only product that has remained stable in the most important areas such as price, quality, good delivery time and excellent backup service for 30 years.

  • What would you especially point out about Fagor Automation? What is your experience with Fagor Automation?

What I would especially like to point out about Fagor Automation is the people at Fagor have always been excellent, they have been flexible and adapted with market trends, visited us on many occasions, supported us in good and bad times and always listen to distributor recommendations.

  • How would you rate our brand?

I would rate the Fagor brand as excellent. This is based on quality, price, reliability and after sales service. And of course the people have always been professional.

I would also like to add that I have been selling Fagor products since 1986 and one of the main reasons I purchased Modern Tools in 1996 was because of the Fagor products. In those days 80% of my business turnover was Fagor products.

Mainly digital readouts and linear scales till the Chinese brands came to Australia and within a few years lost much of the market to them but lots of hard work at shows and ongoing advertising and our never-give-up attitude is now starting to pay off .

As the Chinese brands start to fail we are starting to get back, bit by bit, some of the market share which is good news for us and Fagor keeps up the good work as it’s always been a pleasure to do business with Fagor Automation.