EMO Milano, the world’s leading trade fair for manufacturing technologies, has begun

Today we have started EMO Milano, the world’s leading trade fair for manufacturing technologies, where we are presenting all our new NEXT Generation products that increase production capacity: Quercus, Serie 3 and Digital Suite.

After the break for Covid19, EMO gives us the opportunity to be back with our customers, partners and suppliers, and explain all the technological advances developed in recent months.

Quercus: Powerful. Compact. Smart.

With QUERCUS, Fagor Automation puts all its knowledge at the disposal of its customers, an asset that has been developed throughout its trajectory in the Machine Tool sector until it has managed to update its entire global CNC automation system. The advantages that the QUERCUS system offers:

  • CNC with better control algorithms and more compact hardware.
  • Redesign of the regulation and power supplies, with renewed power and control circuits, with the most technologically advanced electronics.
  • Incorporation of a new regulation bus, Sercos III, with 100 MBd Industrial Ethernet technology.
  • Simplification of DC bus connections to facilitate assembly.
  • Standardization of nomenclature and connectors for all products.
  • Introduction of new self-configuration functions, diagnostics, etc. to favor a more agile and efficient installation.

QUERCUS incorporates all the requirements of the current market and is also prepared for the future. It is the system that will allow our customers to continue to grow and access all the new developments that Fagor incorporates.

Series 3: Connected. Robust. Precise.

The families that make up the Series 3, S3, SV3, G3 and L3 are the most advanced linear encoders Fagor Automation has ever offered. Machine and equipment manufacturers can benefit from an excellent performance set to deliver world-class automation solutions.

The research and development strategy reinforces Fagor Automation’s position as a leading global supplier of linear and angle encoders.

Digital Suite. Decision making made simple.

Fagor Digital Suite is a digitalization platform that interconnects machines to production and management systems through hardware and software infrastructures to capture all the necessary data and transform it into valuable information to facilitate decision making.

The main objective of Fagor Automation is to accompany the digitization process of our customers’ production plants. It involves implementing a new way of responding effectively to production needs, with methods for making much more agile, almost automatic decisions.

EMO machine tool trade show in Milan happens with the global economic recovery, a special time to meet in Italy, the world’s fourth largest producer and exporter. This can be seen from the first day of the fair, where a hopeful atmosphere is palpable.

On this first day of the fair, we have also had the pleasure of welcoming Basque political representatives to our stand, such as Markel Olano, Deputy General of Gipuzkoa, and Javier Larrañaga, Deputy for Economic Promotion, Tourism and Rural Environment. Together with them, Xabier Ortueta, General Manager of AFM Cluster, also visited our stand. From Fagor Automation we are grateful for the support offered to both institutions.