Fagor linear encoders with TTL output signal and 50-nanometer resolution

Fagor has launched to the market a new line of linear encoders with TTL output signal and 50-nanometer resolution. The new line of linear encoders with these features is available in the G, S and SV series.

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Using higher resolution encoders on machine-tools provides better position and speed control that results in better surface finish on manufactured parts and much smoother movements of the machine. The metrology sector can also benefit from the features of the new product ranges by getting nanometric measurements directly without the ensuing electronic interpolation. Thanks to these characteristics, this product line is mainly aimed, although not only, at EDM machines and grinders as well as optical comparators in the metrology field.

We should especially mention linear motors as a multi-sector application where Fagor has gained the trust of numerous customers with its enclosed linear encoders and for whom this new line of products considerably improves the performance of the motors in terms of positioning and smooth movements.

Therefore, the new product line further expands the products available to our customers and contributes to Fagor’s commitment to providing them with the right product for each application.