Fagor absolute linear and angular encoders with BiSS protocol

Fagor Automation further expands their offer with the BiSS communications protocol on their linear and angular encoders. The first linear models G and S/SV as well as angular encoders with an outside diameter of 90 mm will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2016.

biss-interfaceThe high speed open series communications protocol BiSS was introduced by IC-Hauss in 2002 and it is now available for CNC and servo system manufacturers. Therefore, having this communications protocol available on linear and angular encoders, Fagor further expands the connectivity with other servo and CNC system manufacturers with more kinds of applications where linear and angular encoders may be used to control dynamic axes accurately and at high speed with nanometric resolution and repeatability.

Visit the following link for a list of manufacturers offering BiSS: http://www.biss-interface.com/