Fagor and Sintesi Engineering: production process 100% reliable thanks to the barcode

Yet again Fagor Automation has demonstrated it is the ideal supplier for CNC applications requiring high performance machining (milling machines and lathes), in addition to offering enormous customization possibilities.

An example of this is the machine manufactured by Sintesi Engineering Srl., which is a vertical lathe, model VLN14, where the workpiece is recognized by the bar code fixed to the part, thus increasing productivity and reducing the possibility of errors being committed by the operator.

The application is centred on machining the wheels of railway carriages. The vertical lathe designed by Sintesi Engineering Srl, arose from the need to ensure an error free machining process traceable throughout all production stages.

The train carriage wheel is identified by its own bar code, and is loaded onto the machine spindle where the operator only needs to pass the cordless bar code reader pistol. The CNC automatically selects the required program with optimum roughing and finishing parameter to prevent tensions in the workpiece which might cause cracks or internal tensions in the material. The process includes a probing cycle of the part, which is useful for centering the part; furthermore it also detects any flaw the part might have had during the previous process stage. Finally the part is probed again, using the probe and every wheel produced leaves the factory with its own certificate. The CNC automatically generates the certificate specifying all the details of the operations carried out, likewise all the process stages.

According to Mr Gottardo, owner of Sintesi Engineering Srl: “This is a FAGOR CNC 8065 application, which proves it is an appropriate product for building machinery where quality and precision are essential; as well as the customization option Fagor Automation offers the customer. Fagor Automation wins hands down even in the most critical applications regarding safety and reliability. “