Fagor Automation, 42 years of experience in more than 50 countries

Fagor Automation, a cooperative that forms part of the MONDRAGÓN Corporation, the leading Basque business group and the tenth largest in Spain, has 42 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automation and machine control products in more than 50 countries.

Fagor Automation stands out for its capacity to develop cutting-edge software and the flexibility of its production system to offer customized solutions, depending on the needs of its customers.

As well as being part of the MONDRAGON corporation, Fagor Automation belongs to the AFM Cluster, which is the organization that represents the interests of advanced and digital manufacturing in Spain.

30 own delegations and sales network in more than 50 countries

Fagor Automation is an international company.It has an extensive commercial and technical network in more than 50 countries, such as tales como, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Africa, Australia, Spain….

In addition, it has 30 delegation of its own and more than 40 distributors around the world, in order to be able to attend and serve customers in all countries, through a team of highly qualified professionals. Open to everyone, and above all to all possible sectors and customers, Fagor Automation stands out for its proximity to everyone and is “Open to your world“, as its claim says.

Business lines

Fagor Automation specialises in three business lines dedicated to the automation and control of machinery: CNC Systems, Pick-up Systems and Fagor Digital Suite. In addition, it offers different services depending on the needs of its customers: technical service, training, etc.

Optima and Quercus are the latest in CNC systems, with more powerful control algorithms and state-of-the-art circuitry. It also features higher processing speed, more memory capacity, etc., to support even more powerful control algorithms and an innovative and flexible system architecture.

Among the Fagor Automation feedback systems, the Series 3 family stands out with functional safety: S3, SV3, G3 and L3 are the most advanced linear encoders ever offered by Fagor Automation, all of them include the 3STATECH technology patented by Fagor Automation.

The latest addition to the family of optical absolute rings, UT Serie, completes the range of encoders for measuring any rotary application that requires precision, high rotational speeds and with the best resolutions, such as rotary tables, headstocks, etc.

Fagor Automation has developed its own digitalization technology that makes it possible to connect multi-brand machines, with any CNC, with the rest of the production and management systems, capturing all the necessary data and transforming it into valuable information to facilitate decision-making.

Its own research centre: AOTEK

Fagor Automation is firmly committed to R&D&I with its own technology centre, Aotek, created specifically for the research and development of the products offered by the company. Through its own technology centre, Fagor Automation develops the optical and automation technology integrated in its products and participates in collaborative projects at European, national and regional level.