Fagor Automation and Danobatgroup invest in start-up Wooptix to enter the semiconductor field

Fagor Automation, a benchmark in the development and manufacture of automation and machine control products, and the industrial group Danobatgroup, specializing in the design and manufacture of machine tools and advanced manufacturing, in alliance with the Mondragon Corporation, have taken a stake in Wooptix, the first spin-off company of the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, specializing in semiconductor metrology through wavefront phase imaging, a technique derived from adaptive optics research in astronomy.

The aim is to explore new business opportunities in the semiconductor sector, an area already familiar to Fagor Automation and Danobatgroup, as Fagor Automation has a strong track record in the development of production and measurement equipment in the semiconductor industry, and Danobatgroup has ties to this industry, through Danobat’s subsidiary Hembrug.

Innovation and technology, fundamental pillars of Fagor Automation

This collaboration with Wooptix to go deeper into the semiconductor sector is a new opportunity for Fagor Automation to continue its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, as it has done since its foundation and from its own technology centre, Aotek.

As Jose Emilio Oti, R&D Director at Fagor Automation, pointed out, “at Fagor Automation, continuous investment in innovation is ingrained in our corporate culture. We are committed to finding new ways to advance in the technological field, and to this end we are collaborating with Wooptix, broadening our horizons towards new technologies. Our goal is to go deeper into the semiconductor industry to understand it better. This will enable us to offer innovative solutions to our customers based on our extensive capabilities in the area of capture and automation.