Fagor Automation at the 4th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit

The 4th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit took place in Harbin, Heilongjiang province on January 9th and 10th, 2013. This aerospace summit has been held in different locations in the last four years with the participation of 734 specialized companies of that sector, attending lectures, presentations, technology seminars, etc.

China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit is an important international platform for the global aerospace industries to learn, share information, find new sources, products and services in a unique annual event. During this summit, the latest trends and techniques were analyzed that would help shape the future for commercial civil aviation.

This year, the summit moved to Harbin city, the national leading composites and advanced materials center for aerospace, which undertakes the mission of analyzing and supplying composites, advanced materials and performance critical areas of the airframe to China’s aircraft projects, which include C919, MA700 etc.

These 2 days, a total of 28 international exhibitors (Fagor Automation included) have attended the summit with the largest aircraft manufacturers (AVIC, COMAC, BOEING, AIRBUS, EMBRAER, CESSNA), certification agencies (EASA), R&D centers, suppliers of parts and assembling, as well as companies providing aerospace industry related services. A great variety of subjects were dealt with there; the future of aerospace manufacturing in china, the present situation and future development of regional aviation in China, the development of the first large Chinese civil aircraft C919, future developments and new applications for the production of CNC machines, the application of new technology in the production of civil aircrafts, advances in aerospace materials and structures (like large titanium structures), the manufacturing and development of modern landing gear, the certifications in the aviation world, the situation of the helicopter market in China, etc.

Besides the lectures, people took advantage of the summit to hold face-to-face meetings between companies to establish possible business relations and exchange experiences.